Leadership Conference Education Sessions

Thursday, May 9 | Friday, May 10

Thursday, May 9

Emerging Leaders Pre-Conference Session:  Strategic Thinking and Credit Union Leaders: Strategic Aptitude Assessment Findings - Cortney Angeley

We would love for some graduates of the Emerging Leaders program to join us for a special half-day session where they will hear from Filene's, Cortney Angeley, speak on "Strategic Thinking and Credit Union Leaders."

Emerging Leaders may attend this session for only $99. 

In this session, Cortney Angeley will discuss the six leadership skills identified that, when mastered and applied in concert, can allow leaders to think strategically and operate under conditions of uncertainty. While the model has general applicability for all leaders, Researchers Jarrad Roeder and Franck Schuurmans, who both have extensive experience consulting for credit unions, have related their findings directly to credit union leaders. Cortney will share their findings and discuss the unique challenges facing credit unions in today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive environment, and how these the proven can help leaders to navigate this turbulent world.

This session is open to individuals from all levels of management within the credit union as well as those individuals that have been identified as emerging leaders within your organization. 


Keeping Pace with Expectations: The Quest to Attract Younger Credit Union Members - Cortney Angeley

There are more than 70 million Millennials (born 1981-1996) and already more than 86 million children and young adults who will comprise a post-Millennial generation (born after 1996). These young people will form the core of credit union membership in the future. The Filene Research Institute has taken a deep dive into understanding this group. In this session, Cortney Angeley will discuss Filene’s findings from the research and help attendees understand how to address the challenge of understanding these younger consumers and what they expect from their financial service providers. Financial institutions increasingly serve younger consumers, and attracting and retaining young members will continue to be a driver of growth for credit unions. 


2019 Trends in Fintech - Sam Das

CMFG Ventures, the venture capital arm of CUNA Mutual Group, invests in startup companies bringing innovation to credit unions and their members. Explore the trends driving Fintech in 2019 and lessons learned from investing in fintech startups.


Transform Your Work Environment into an Experience - Michele Shelton

Credit Unions often promote a member experience based on community and collaboration. Yet leading that effort requires a multi-dimensional view of both, powered by your individual focus. This session will explore how to transform the day-to-day work environment into a collective experience that promotes your ability to lead intentionally, inclusively, and indefinitely.



Friday, May 10

Economic Update - David Smith

In this session we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current economic environment, analyze recent Fed activity, and discuss the potential paths of future interest rates. We will also discuss best practices for Asset/Liability Management and consider which loan and investment strategies are the most effective in our current economic environment. 


Parables and Productivity: Telling Stories that Change Your Credit Union…And You - Andy Janning

For years, storytelling has been touted as the go-to technique for attracting and retaining members, and transforming organizational culture. But exactly how do you craft and share those stories for maximum impact?

Filled with practical insights and proven techniques, this session will show you exactly how to answer that question, and share 8 additional ones that will keep the story of your career moving in the right direction.


Fraud Methodology: Strategy, Mitigation and Proactive Identification - Rolanda London

Fraud prevention can be achieved in a strategic proactive manner.  In order to find the balance between member service and protection, we must fully understand what makes us targets as well as the ways we can be targeted.  Using a structured approach, we can stop chasing card fraud, prioritize our risks and find that fabled space where service and security are one. 

We will cover:

  • Cross functional common ground
  • Synthetic Identity vs. Identity Theft
  • Friendly Fraud
  • Skimmers
  • Common Points of Compromise (CPC)
  • Card Fraud Mitigation
  • Mobile Deposit Fraud
  • Member Education