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Discovery Conference™ 2019 registration is Now Open!

CUNA Strategic Services selects Eltropy as the ‘best text messaging solution’ for credit unions

Big or Small, WECU

Exciting Updates from CUSG Marketing Solutions

NEW Member Offer...SimpliSafe Home Security!

CO-OP Financial Services Hosts Regional Roadshows, Extending Learnings from THINK 19 Conference

The travel experience: 3 tips to help your members enjoy their vacations

Does Your Overdraft Strategy Command a 5-Star Rating?

Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for the CO-OP ATM Network of Miracles 

It’s Summer, Time to Complete Your Q2 Marketing!

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Discovery Conference™ 2019 registration is Now Open!

The virtual Discovery Conference is back and better than ever – loaded with insights for league staff and credit unions, and conveniently available at your fingertips. 

This year’s event theme is “Know More. Grow More”, and the conference is packed with fabulous speakers and valuable content to help credit unions jump-start their strategic planning.

There is no cost to attend, no travel expenses and no time out of the office. With sessions scheduled throughout the day, you can participate based on your own schedule – all day, or a portion of the day.

Register Now!




CUNA Strategic Services selects Eltropy as the ‘best text messaging solution’ for credit unions

Eltropy, a messaging-based platform that enables credit unions to communicate with members via text, has been selected as the newest CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) alliance provider. This collaboration will empower credit union teams to leverage text messaging in a secure and TCPA-compliant way to boost member engagement and enhance the member experience.  

“The CSS team surveyed the marketplace for potential providers to fill a need in the credit union digital communications space,” said Eric Gelly, president, CUNA Strategic Services. “We chose Eltropy because of their streamlined member communication platform, ability to adapt to the marketplace and overall superior messaging-based solution.”

Text messaging has transformed the way people communicate and is now permeating the business world. Nine out of 10 consumers prefer texts when communicating with businesses.

As the industry-leading text messaging solution, Eltropy was selected as a strategic alliance by CSS to deliver credit unions a “single solution” to meet all their text messaging needs, for every member-facing business area. Eltropy provides three key values:

  • Compliance and security: text messaging compliant with FCC/TCPA regulations and secure information sharing
  • IT integrations: out-of-the-box integrations with core systems like Symitar, Corelation, CRMs like Salesforce and other IT systems
  • Intelligence and analytics: built in ROI, member engagement reports and insights to drive business decisions 

“Being chosen as the preferred text messaging alliance by CSS marks a major milestone in Eltropy’s quest to serve credit unions and their members,” said Ashish Garg, CEO, Eltropy. “We are big believers in the intimate connections that credit unions make with their members, and we are committed to helping them leverage text messaging to deepen those connections.”

Working with Eltropy, Baxter Credit Union (BCU) has achieved an ROI of 600%, with a payback period of less than two months and 11 times improvement in member engagement. Eltropy-powered text messages have had a 37% click-through rate, compared with 3% over emails on average.

“Eltropy allows BCU’s content to be more accessible to prospective members, along with tracking engagement, creating lead generation and increasing credit union membership,” said Nicole Hatcher, Business Development Operations at BCU.

For more information visit Eltropy’s CSS page.




Big or Small, WECU

When it comes to supporting credit unions, all sizes matter.

Whether big or small, we CU. From scalable initiatives to enhanced capabilities and solutions, CUNA Mutual continues to help credit unions stay relevant and best serve their members for years to come. 

Learn more at



Exciting Updates from CUSG Marketing Solutions

You’ve probably noticed LMCUR has been pretty busy lately adding new deals, new marketing materials, new program branding, and a new website. Let’s take a moment to learn more about the “why” behind these changes and how Love My Credit Union Rewards believes they will further enhance the value of membership at your credit union.

Over the past 6 months or so, their team took a deep dive to explore what could be better about LMCUR. They believe that the height of a program’s success is precisely the time to challenge it the hardest. They quickly recognized that some of the older programs like ADT and Love to Shop just weren’t resonating with credit union members any longer, so they set out to replace them with new offers, starting with SimpliSafe home security.

They spent a lot of time ensuring our new offers were among the best in market, representing meaningful value for your members. After SimpliSafe, they negotiated deals on ID theft protection, hotels, Disney vacations, and a dozen or so others. These special deals offer significant savings off retail pricing and often real cash value – something even paid membership rewards programs rarely deliver. 

They developed a feature-rich web app at, which works beautifully on all browsers and all devices and does not require downloading any software or even a password to login. This allows members to seamlessly interact with LMCUR from anywhere, at any time. 

As you can see, they’ve got a lot of good stuff going on, so please, visit to explore it for yourself, and keep a lookout for more exciting announcements in the near future. 

If you have any questions or feedback about our recent updates, please contact the Client Services Team.




NEW Member Offer...SimpliSafe Home Security!

In their ongoing effort to provide the most value to credit union members, LMCUR is excited to announce a partnership with SimpliSafe Home Security.

SimpliSafe offers a unique DIY home security system that covers and protects the entire house from doors to rooms to windows. Named a CNET Editor’s Choice and “best home security system” by Wirecutter, SimpliSafe is already trusted and relied on by over 3 million people.

With 24/7 professional monitoring, up to 3.5 times faster police dispatch, a low cost, no contract price structure, and an all wireless system, SimpliSafe is disrupting the traditional home security model.

Your members will love the no hidden fees, no middleman approach to home security that SimpliSafe offers. With monitoring prices starting at just $14.99 per month, SimpliSafe has done away with all the hassles of home security, delivers it without long term contracts, and offers a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. SimpliSafe even pays the shipping for returned equipment!

LMCUR has negotiated an exclusive offer for credit union members that includes a free security camera and two months free monitoring (a $150 value), when they purchase a new SimpliSafe security system.

This new approach to home security bypasses the outmoded, slow and expensive traditional home security approach. Don’t let your members miss out, promote SimpliSafe today.  A full suite of marketing assets is available in the Partner Center. Questions? Contact our Client Services Team Via Email or by calling 866-348-2887.



CO-OP Financial Services Hosts Regional Roadshows, Extending Learnings from THINK 19 Conference 

Immersive Full Day Events Bring Industry Expertise to Doorsteps of Credit Unions 

CO-OP Financial Services is bringing payments and digital transformation expertise to regional credit union leaders through six, single-day “Roadshow” events running July-October in locations across the country. Attendees will learn strategies for identifying and leveraging new opportunities for growth and optimizing member experience, network with other credit union leaders and come away with new tools to immediately put into action.  

According to Samantha Paxson, Chief Experience Officer for CO-OP, the Roadshow events are an extension of the peer networking and strategic learning exercises that happen each year at the THINK conference. 

“At THINK 19 in May, we explored the many doors that rapid evolution and adoption of technology are opening for credit unions,” said Paxson. “As consumers connect, engage and relate to service providers in new, empowering ways, the potential for credit unions has never been more promising. With the smaller, more interactive setting of the Roadshow events, credit union leaders will have a greater opportunity to ask specific questions and walk away with a richer roadmap for transformation.” 

Each CO-OP Roadshow will include presentations and interactive sessions designed to provide hands-on strategies credit unions can adopt now. Attendees will gain insights on topics including: 

  • Uncover new opportunities for credit unions by exploring the latest consumer and fintech trends.
  • Identify strategies that can accelerate credit union growth and transformation.
  • Connect big-picture ideas to actual tactics that can be utilized right now at attendees’ credit unions.
  • An overview of the CO-OP ecosystem, delivering the solutions and insights credit unions need to compete in today’s marketplace. 

2019 CO-OP THINK Roadshow Schedule

  • July 16 – Seattle, Washington
  • July 18 – Walnut Creek, California
  • August 22 – Chicago, Illinois
  • September 12 – Nashville, Tennessee
  • October 10 – Houston, Texas
  • October 24 – Washington, D.C.

There is no cost for credit union personnel to attend, and each event will include breakfast and lunch. Online registration is open now for each individual CO-OP Roadshow. 

In addition to the CO-OP Roadshow dates, the company is already preparing the conference agenda for THINK 20, with a theme of “The Opportunities of a New Decade.” THINK 20 will be held in Dallas, Texas, May 4-7, 2020. The Early Bird registration rate is $999, good through October 31, 2019. Credit union employees can register immediately at




The travel experience: 3 tips to help your members enjoy their vacations

Summer is the season for travel. With warm weather comes the feeling of freedom to explore and go new places. Every year brings new ideas for travel experiences. Recently, I have heard about people finding green ways to travel and taking more solo trips. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever form it takes, travel is about the experience. Help your members get ready to enjoy their vacation time this year by offering these three tips. 

1. Don’t Follow the Crowd

While crowds can be energizing at times, they may add stress and even spoil your members’ best laid plans. (Just ask anyone visiting Nashville during the April 2019 NFL Draft.) Less-traveled destinations offer the chance for experiences (and pictures) that stand out from the crowd. Your members can spend less time waiting in line and more time having fun and exploring. 

2. Don’t Get Weighed Down by Packing

Why escape the burdens of daily living only to be brought down by overloaded luggage? Below are some tips to help your members pack for the experience they want. 

  • Bring only necessities. Avoid items that are easily lost and expensive to replace, like jewelry.
  • Check the weather forecast so you can pack the right clothing and accessories.
  • If flying, bring a few outfits in a carry-on bag in case your luggage is delayed or lost.
  • Don’t forget converter plugs for international destinations.
  • Bring snacks and a refillable water bottle to save money and time.
  • Be prepared for small emergencies with a travel-sized first aid kit and medicines.
  • Consider the environment when choosing luggage. A backpack could be useful for trips that involve hiking while a wheeled suitcase may not be worth the extra weight for locations without many paved roads.
  • Bringing a reloadable prepaid card like the CUMONEY® Visa TravelMoney® prepaid card by LSC can help budget spending while providing the flexibility to add more funds if needed.

3. Planning for Fun

Vacation is the time to have fun and escape rigid schedules and to-do-lists. Good pre-trip planning helps make the trip more relaxing.  When traveling someplace new, taking the time to research the geography and culture is a good way to feel more at ease. Downloading helpful apps, like those that assist with language translations or mobile banking, can help prepare for unexpected adventures. For international travel, remind your members to get their money exchanged before leaving so they’re ready to start having fun as soon as they arrive at their destination. 

Wherever your members travel this summer, these tips can aid them in having a great experience. With the right planning they can be prepared for a unique adventure all their own.




Does Your Overdraft Strategy Command a 5-Star Rating?

Now more than ever, ratings, likes and social recommendations play a major role in the process of selecting the products and services consumers use every day. When it relates to maintaining one’s financial well-being, reliability, transparency, fair pricing and pleasant service experiences are key must-haves for generating a thumbs up or multi-star assessment. So how do credit unions capture the consumer enthusiasm that generates initial interest from prospects and creates long-term member loyalty? 

Following are five characteristics that can help to ensure your overdraft strategy will rank at the top of any list of essential services that support financial security. 

1.)  Aligns with all members’ needs

Unexpected financial needs can happen to anyone. A fully disclosed overdraft program provides a reliable way for members to make sure important expenses will be covered — whether they are having difficulty making ends meet, make a mistake on their account or are hit with an unexpected financial situation. 

A socially-responsible overdraft program is fully disclosed, easy to use, and provides counseling and practical information about alternative solutions that fit individual circumstances. These features increase the benefits of the program for members and provide compliance peace of mind for the institution.

2.)  Incorporates updated tools and resources

Greater focus is now being placed on high-tech solutions throughout the industry. An effective overdraft solution should be designed to solve consumer problems while helping institutions maintain efficient operations. Next generation overdraft strategies improve processes and provide measurably better performance results through: 

  • best-in-class software for increased program automation and efficiencies;
  • more in-depth account tracking and analysis;
  • up-to-date compliance proficiency and guarantee for compliance certainty;
  • more continuous employee training and educational opportunities;
  • on-going guidance and comprehensive consulting; and
  • performance-based pricing.

3.)  Respects all members’ need to know

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the support you needed to make sure all of your members were familiar with your overdraft policies? A fully disclosed program prevents confusion that can lead to criticism, as well as increased scrutiny by regulators. 

Utilizing an automated communications resource — with access to prepared, compliance-tested messages — can simplify the process of keeping members up to speed on their account status, program procedures and fees, as well as their responsibilities when using the program. 

4.)  Strengthened by on-going employee training

Balancing a multitude of service responsibilities can make it difficult to focus on the details that are vital to consistently addressing member needs. But maintaining a command of regulations and best practices around overdraft services is critical, especially in an age of increased legal activity and class action risk. 

Providing on-going, comprehensive employee training will ensure that everyone in the credit union understands the benefits an overdraft program provides to members, how the processes and procedures work, and how to explain the program effectively. If you rely on current staff members to train new employees — based on knowledge they acquired years ago, or information they received as their supervisor was heading out the door for another job — chances are something important may be overlooked. The more accurately and confidently your employees explain your overdraft solution, the less likely you are to have any negative situations with members or examiners. 

5.)  Guided by a team of experts

If you don’t have the luxury of expertise in technology and data analytics, compliance, employee training and performance improvement strategies, professional overdraft consultants can help. They will guide you through areas where opportunities exist for improving results. Then they will work alongside your staff to effectively address issues that are key to meeting consumer, regulatory and performance expectations. From there, they can provide recommendations on how to meet or exceed your goals. 

Combining a proven strategy and reliable resources leads to exceptional results

As consumer expectations of speed and convenient financial services are combined with compliance requirements and operational challenges, it can be difficult to maintain the highest level of performance. An experienced overdraft service provider can help you align your program’s processes and resources, and recommend updates and service enhancements to help make sure everything is running smoothly — and compliantly. As a result, you can take command of your service and performance goals … and the five-star ratings, thumbs up and positive reviews will follow.




Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for the CO-OP ATM Network of Miracles 

Members, Credit Union Employees Posting Social Media Photos at CO-OP ATMs Will Benefit Kids 

CO-OP Financial Services is encouraging credit unions and their members to help dispense miracles as well as cash at ATMs this summer. 

The CO-OP ATM Network of Miracles program calls on employees or members to post photos of themselves next to a CO-OP ATM on social media using the hashtag #ATMs4CMN. For every photo posted by August 31, CO-OP will donate $10 to Credit Unions for Kids, up to a total donation of $10,000, ultimately to benefit the industry’s charity of choice, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 

First announced at the THINK 19 conference in May, this promotion is aimed at continuing the momentum of the #ShadesUpForKids promotion, which raised $10,000 each for the National Credit Union Foundation and CMN Hospitals in advance of the conference. 

“The contribution from even a single posted photo does a world of good; it can enhance the impact credit unions have on over 10 million children treated at CMN Hospitals every year,” said Samantha Paxson, Chief Experience Officer for CO-OP. “But the benefits of raising awareness about the credit union movement’s vast surcharge-free ATM Network – and its multimillion-dollar cooperative support for CMN Hospitals – are equally impactful.” 

Through the CO-OP ATM network, credit union members have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, more than any commercial bank can offer their customers. At the same time, 77 percent of American consumers say they feel a stronger emotional connection to purpose-driven brands, according to the 2018 Purpose Study by Cone Communications. 

Having members participate is easy: They simply need to visit a CO-OP ATM (found via the network’s locator), look for the red triangle CO-OP ATM logo, take a picture and post it to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #ATMs4CMN

Donations from #ATMs4CMN will be provided to Credit Unions for Kids to enhance fundraising across the country to help create turnkey campaigns and resources, and engage employees/members more effectively.

For more information on CO-OP ATM Network of Miracles, including a downloadable campaign kit with access social posts and banners, visit




It’s Summer, Time to Complete Your Q2 Marketing!

Hard to believe that it’s summer isn’t it? Fortunately, you’ve still got time to finish your Q2 marketing. 

As a quick reminder, your 2019 second quarter marketing must be executed by June 30 and forwarded to our Client Services team by July 14th. 

Here are a few things to remember: 

  • Be sure to use our HTML email templates, as well as the new newsletter and social media templates. These include your credit union’s custom URL which helps us track your marketing and makes fulfilling your marketing requirements much easier.
  • Don’t forget to check your Marketing Audit Report in the Partner Center Dashboard, and make sure it reflects your executed marketing efforts.
  • Didn’t use HTML email templates, social media, or email newsletters with your custom URL?  Submit your marketing documentation to [email protected] by July 14th. 

Questions? Need help with your Love My Credit Union Rewards marketing? Please contact our Client Services Team Via Email or by phone at 866-348-2887.



To register for any of these webinars, please go to  

Effective FeedForward
7/9/2019 1:00PM (CST)
Do you enjoy giving or receiving feedback? Many people feel feedback is reactionary and negative. Revolutionize the way you coach by providing specific, actionable comments that are focused on enhancing future opportunities.
Lending Resource Center/Live Events 

Performance Coaching
7/11/2019 8:00AM (CST)
Ever wonder why your employees are performing below expectations? Analyze the situation to close the performance gap and identify solutions to positively impact behavior.
Lending Resource Center/Live Events 

Member Focused Conversations: Guide with Confidence, Part 1
7/16/2019 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 1:00PM (CST)
Your members expect to be educated and guided through each step of their financial journey. There is no way to tell when an unexpected life event may occur, and it can have an immediate impact on their financial well-being. In Part 1, we’ll play The Money Game which allows you to see the impact of a disability or death on a member and their family and the difficult decisions they may need to make during an already tough time.
Lending Resource Center/Live Events 

Member Focused Conversations: Guide with Confidence, Part 2
7/17/2019 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 1:00PM (CST)
Go the extra mile. Member Focused Conversations, Part 2 focuses on using consultative questions and breaking down each part of a conversational process. It’s all about using the process consistently to provide your members with a customized, needs-based solution. Be committed to being your members' trusted financial consultant. If you don't take the opportunity to guide your members, they will look elsewhere for the guidance they need.*
Lending Resource Center/Live Events

Data Privacy Regulations & Risk Concerns
7/17/2019 1:00PM (CST)
In a data-driven world, you can never be too safe when it comes to privacy, security, and compliance. This session will identify emerging risk themes that can spur new privacy risks -- from storing data to ensuring its proper use. In addition, we’ll discuss what you should monitor and how to adapt your programs.
Protection Resource Centers/Live Events 

Member Focused Conversations: Guide with Confidence, Part 3
7/18/2019 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 1:00PM (CST)
Part 3 of Member Focused Conversations takes the consultative conversation to a new level. In this session, we focus on personalizing benefits to the member and their unique situation. We will go beyond a generic benefit to pursue a richer more personalized benefit to the member. This will ensure your members see the value and why payment protection is so them! Go the extra mile.*
Lending Resource Center/Live Events

Skills in Action: Confident Conversations - Consultative Questions
7/24/2019 10:00AM (CST)
Looking for a quick and focused learning opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills you have? This interactive, learner-driven session gives you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into asking consultative questions . You’ll work through a member scenario with lending peers and will walk away with an effective consultative questioning strategy, helping to uncover information about your member’s needs.* Registration is limited to 30. If the session is full, register to be placed on the Wait List.
Lending Resource Center/Live Events

Addressing Concerns: Close the Case
7/25/2019 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 1:00PM (CST)
What if the member asks a question or raises a concern? Don't let this question stop you any longer from educating your members on payment protection. Confidently address four common member questions and concerns related to payment protection.*
Lending Resource Center/Live Events