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From Laura’s Desk 

There is something comforting about budgeting. While many of you may have just spit out your coffee, hear me out. Budgets make sense out of chaos. Budgets guide us into the uncertain future with reasonable predictability. This rotten pandemic has had us all scratching our heads looking for savings and smarter revenues.  Are you going to tweak last year’s budget and hope for the best? Perhaps this is the year to take a fresh look at your vendor relationships. The League is ready to help you do just that.

 Just because all credit unions depend on ancillary services and vendors does not mean that they must pay the highest price for those services. The League is your resource for solving for the right products to onboard and how to get them at the best cost.  We pride ourselves on vendor relationships and knowing the gritty details that will save you lots of money, time, and hassle.  Take a look at our updated suite of partnerships on our website and don’t hesitate to call me to get dirt (general pricing) on any of them. 

If I can do anything to assist you, please feel free to reach out by sending me an email or calling me at (502) 855-8209.



Laura Parrish
VP, Association Services

Your Vision is My Purpose




Register Now!

Kentucky Credit Unions are invited to an Exclusive, Complimentary DEMO Day
October 19, 2021
Hosted by KYCUL Services and the TRGroup!

9:00 am to 12:30 EST 
Attend any or all of the SEVEN Virtual Demos.
Demo Day will feature live emceed virtual sessions in 20-minute blocks and will include product demonstrations along with an open Q&A session after each demo.
This is the perfect complement to follow up after the convention.
Register Here TODAY!   




CU Solutions

Retaining and acquiring talent in today’s labor market is a challenge for credit unions.


While some credit unions lose money by unknowingly pay too much, others lose money by paying too little. Employees know when they are underpaid, and the rule of thumb is that often only underperforming employees are okay with being underpaid! That means your top talent moves on, and your underperformers are left to run the company. Low wages and high turnover are also frequently associated with low morale.

Let’s look at some numbers. A typical $700M asset size credit union has an average of 160 employees. National voluntary turnover rates in 2018 were 15%; in 2021 we’ve seen that number jump to 25%.  That means our $700M credit union would need to replace 40 employees. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates the cost of replacing an employee is 90% to 200% of their annual salary. Using the conservative 90% rate, retaining just 25% of these employees would save over $806,250 annually.


Asset Size

Full Time Employees (FTE)

Avg. Pay/FTE

Average Employees Turned Over

Retained Through Improved Pay Practices

Savings from Decreased Turnover




















In addition to that significant savings, there are softer gains. For example, decreased voluntary turnover also improves culture. Seeing other employees opt to stay with their current credit union employer sends a strong signal to employees who are exploring external options that perhaps it’s better to stay.

One thing we often see with prospective Compease clients is that they have a sixth sense about their employees’ pay. They often feel pay at their credit union is high or low or high in some places and low in others. Their sixth sense is often right! But because compensation data is hard to get and interpret, conversations about pay with the CEO/Board don’t usually lead to changes. That’s often because there simply isn’t the data to allow the CEO/Board to make a better decision. Compease provides the specific data needed for those conversations and consultants to lead to appropriate change.





CMG Fall Report


The CMG Fall Report is ready for you to review. Thank you to our trusted partner!


CMG 2021 Fall Report



Upcoming Webinars


To register for any of these webinars, please go to


Social Media Roadmap

10/6/2021 11:00 AM CT

Developing relationships is critical to helping your members. Social media is one of the most effective channels to connect with target audiences, build your brand and stay informed of mortgage industry trends. We’ll cover how to plan and create content, make or update your profiles, boost your posts and more.



MI Basics for Credit Unions

10/14/2021 11:00 AM CT

Mortgage insurance remains one of the safest, most affordable down payment options for credit unions and their members. Get acquainted – or reacquainted – with the basics of MI, such as comparing MI options, demystifying misinformation about MI, and how to calculate MI rates based on popular premium plans.



SRM Academy


All the information you need in one centralized location


Industry news is vital for keeping in touch with changes and upcoming trends, especially in the rapidly evolving financial industry. In fact, it's often so rapid it can seem like an overwhelming task to keep up with the changes.


We would like to introduce you to the SRM Academy, an online resource for those in the financial services space. Through a library of reports, fact sheets, webinars, podcasts, on-site briefings, and much more, SRM Academy provides its users with information about the industry's most recent developments – from innovative technology to regulatory updates. 

To join the SRM Academy and receive full access to our library of information, please fill out this form.


About SRM

SRM (Strategic Resource Management) has helped more than 1,000 financial institutions add $3.6 billion of value to their bottom line in areas such as payments, digital transformation, core processing, artificial intelligence, and operational efficiency. SRM’s decades of experience have lowered costs, grown revenues, increased productivity, and provided a competitive edge for clients in an environment of constant and accelerating change. Visit for more information and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter for timely and relevant insights.



Kentucky CUL and CO-OP Financial Services Extend Partnership


The long-standing partnership between the Kentucky Credit Union League and CO-OP Financial Services has recently been extended, enabling the two organizations to continue working together to provide for the financial lifestyle needs of credit union members in the Bluegrass State.

The Kentucky Credit Union League is an association of credit unions operating in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is a non-profit corporation owned and controlled by member credit unions through their elected representatives and is solely supported by the dues of its member credit unions.

The League works to promote the growth, unity and vitality of affiliated credit unions by providing the highest levels of leadership and professional service, quality information and programs that will enhance their ability to exist, compete and prosper in the financial marketplace.

Like the Kentucky Credit Union League, CO-OP exists to help the credit unions thrive. CO-OP Financial Services is a payments and financial technology provider, founded by, owned by and created to serve the needs of credit unions and their members. 

Working arm-in-arm with its State League and credit union partners like KCUL, CO-OP has evolved from a reseller to an ecosystem provider of payments technology and solutions, which has been its mission since 2016. CO-OP delivers digital solutions and services through an integrated fintech ecosystem, which is built to address the evolving opportunities and challenges credit unions face every day. From empowering members to make seamless and secure payments to acting as trusted consultants in navigating the payments industry’s transformation, CO-OP is there for credit unions and their members.

The Kentucky Credit Union League and CO-OP facilitate access to the CO-OP ATM network, including more than 30,000 surcharge free ATMs, CO-OP Contact Center, the Zelle digital network, CO-OP Bill Pay, and credit and debit processing.

For more information on these services, visit and, or contact Laura Parrish at [email protected]




Upcoming Webinars



Webinar, Tuesday, November 16

10:00 AM CST | 11:00 AM EST

Bad actors are constantly trying to inject malware through phishing emails, a vulnerability exploit, or misconfigured networks and systems. It only takes one wrong click to cause extended interruption of operations, reputational harm, and data loss. As a result, ransomware attacks continue to be one of the greatest threats to data security and business operations.

During this webinar, TraceSecurity Information Security Analyst Mitchell Bearry will discuss the threats posed by ransomware and the prescribed best practices and introduce TraceSecurity’s Ransomware Preparedness Assessment. Learn more about how your organization can be better prepared for a ransomware attack.


 There is no charge to attend the webinar.